Inducing Systemic Resistance against Root-knot Nematodes in Eggplant by Chemical and Organic Fertilizers and Antioxidant Substances

Document Type : Original Article


Nematode Diseases Research Dept., Plant Pathol. Res. Ins., Agric. Res. Center (ARC), Giza, Egypt.


One of the most significant pests of vegetable crops is known as root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne spp.). Although, using synthetic nematicides to manage nematodes are a tried-and-true successful method, this tactic raises concerns due to its high costs and negative environmental impacts. In order to control root-knot nematode infection and infestation on eggplant cv. Black Beauty seedlings in an environmentally friendly manner, experiments were carried out using a chemical fertilizer (NPK), an organic fertilizer (humic acid), and some antioxidant substances (selenium, vitamin C, and E) individually and in combination under greenhouse and field conditions. The obtained results of these investigations, revealed that all tested treatments have the ability to reduce nematode populations, which would raise yield. Vitamins C and E combined with NPK fertilizer significantly increased shoot and root fresh and shoot dry weight over control in greenhouse conditions. They also significantly decreased total final nematode population with reproduction factor (Rf =0.44) less than control. Additionally, simultaneous application of humic acid, selenium, and NPK boosting plant conditions and greatly reduced J2s, gall formation, and number of egg masses. Plant height, fresh and dry weight, yield per plant, N, P, and K contents, as well as fruit quality (total carbohydrates, vitamin A, and C) were all estimated during field trials. As for, parameters of eggplant as affected by application of humic acid and/or antioxidants concomitantly with NPK fertilization were significantly increased.  Furthermore, reducing activity in total nematode population in soil and root was achieved by all tested treatments. It could be observed that humic acid and different antioxidant when combined with NPK induced systemic which consequently caused suppression in eggplant against root knot nematode.