First Report of Asphodelus microcarpus as a New Host of Stunt Nematode, Tylenchorhynchus spp., on the Western Mediterranean

Document Type : Original Article


Plant Protection Department, Desert Research Center, Cairo, Egypt


A survey of phytoparasitic nematodes was carried out in 2023 on natural habitats of some wild plants viz., Limbarda crithmoides, Asphodelus microcarpus, Euphorbia paralias, Ononis vaganalis, Thymelaea hirsuta, Neurada procumbens and Suaeda monoica, growing in the western Mediterranean coastal areas of Marsa Matrouh governorate, Egypt. specimens of stunt nematode (Tylenchorhynchus spp.) were collected from rhizosphere soil of native plant Asphodelus microcarpus (Family: Asphodelaceae). Morphological characters of females were utilized for identification of stunt nematode. According to available literature, this is the first report of Tylenchorhynchus’ presence on this wild plant native in Egypt. Other plants collected in this survey did not host plant parasitic nematodes either in their roots or in their rhizosphere soil. Further surveys should be conducted to identify phytonematodes genera that might occur in Egypt, including wild plants in desert areas. Pathogenicity of Tylenchorhynchus genus on Asphodelus microcarpus will be investigated, also the spreading of stunt nematode should be explored as well as other nematode taxa to enrich the biodiversity index.