Occurrence and Geographical Distribution of Heterodera avenae on Some Cultivated Wheat Areas in Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


Plant Pathol. and Nematol. Dept., National Res. Centre, Dokki, Egypt


Occurrence and distribution of the wheat cyst nematode Heterodera avenae was studied during 2016-2018 cropping seasons in 12 provinces of Egypt. A total of 929 soil and root samples from 125 locations in 42 districts, were collected and analyzed. H.avenae was detected only in samples of Ismailia province but not in samples collected from the other provinces. The nematode cysts were found in 33 out of 187 samples collected from 20 locations in Ismailia with 16.7% frequency of occurrence. The highest incidence of the nematode was found in Al-Kassasein district with 28.6% frequency of occurrence, followed by Serabeum (20%), Abu- Suweir (14.5%) and Fayed (3.7%). Also H.avenae was detected in light- textured as sandy, loamy sand and sandy loam soils. No cysts were detected in heavy soil. Symptoms on wheat under Egyptian conditions were quite corresponded with those occurring on wheat grown in other wheat- growing regions of the world.