Plant– Parasitic Nematodes Associated with Different Plants Grown in Newly Reclaimed Area in North West Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


Plant Pathology Department, Nematology Laboratory, National Research Centre, Dokki, Post Code 12622, Cairo, Egypt.


A survey was conducted in 2014/2015 to study distribution of plant parasitic
nematodes associated with the different vegetables, field crops, fruit trees, weeds
and some ornamental plants grown in Borg El-Arab and Amryia counties (sugar
beet district), North West Egypt . Data indicated that twelve nematode genera and
species were found at various percentages frequencies of occurrence and
population densities according to host type and locality. The most predominant
nematode genera were root-knot, Meloidogyne; stunt, Tylenchorhynchus; spiral,
Helicotylenchus and reniform nematodes, Rotylenchulus reniformis as they were
recovered at the highest percentages frequencies of occurrence and population